Multi Collagen Plus


A natural decrease in collagen production occurs as we age, this can lead to weaker joints, bones, cartilage, muscles and tendons.

It is not uncommon to begin to feel it in your joints, hips, knees, and bones. This can seriously interfere with your quality of life and keep you from doing the things you enjoy.

Multi Collagen Plus is formulated with all three different types of pure and powerful collagen along with five collagen boosters to help you naturally maintain strong bones, joints, knees, hips, cartilage, tendons, connective tissues, lean muscles, and much more.


You are promoting a 3-option offer of Multi Collagen Plus. Customers get to choose a single bottle, a 3-bottle offer, or a 6-bottles offer. The amount of discount increases with the number of bottles purchased.

After purchasing the main offer, the next page takes the customers to another Multi Collagen Plus Offer where they are given the opportunity to add to their savings by getting 6 more bottles of Multi Collagen Plus with free shipping. Customers can also take advantage of discounted Turmeric Curcumin No. 1 supplement.


70% Women / 30% Men - Aged 45+ who want to move comfortably with less aches, stiffness, and joint discomfort

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