Joint Complex 4000


By age 65, two-thirds of Americans need help with everyday activities such as bathing and getting in and out of bed or a chair. Losing the freedom to walk upstairs, reach overhead to grab a plate from the cabinet, or pick up your grandkids - forcing you to depend on other people to get you places. Unfortunately, this is the reality for millions of Americans, and many resort to buying pain pills like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen, and Acetaminophen thinking that they must be completely safe. The scary little secret is that while these pain killers attempt to target your pain, they don't actually improve joint health and can actually make it harder for your body to naturally heal your joints.

If you have issues with mobility, flexibility, and joint comfort, this might be due to not effectively targeting these 3 joint discomfort triggers:

  • Chronic joint inflammation
  • Worn-out, deteriorating cartilage
  • And gradual bone loss

This is what the Joint Complex 4000 is for. The Joint Complex 4000 is a safe, natural, next-generation 11-In-1 joint formula that targets all 3 of your body's joint discomfort triggers.


You are promoting a 3-option offer of Joint Complex 4000. Customers get to choose a single bottle, a 3-bottle offer, or a 6-bottle offer. The amount of discount increases with the number of bottles purchased.

After completing the order page, the next page takes the customers to another Joint Complex 4000 offer where they are given the opportunity to add to their savings by getting 6 more bottles of Joint Complex 4000 with free shipping. Another supplement called Turmeric Curcumin No. 1 is also offered in the funnel at a discounted price and also with free shipping.


Target audience: 70% Women / 30% Men - Aged 45+ who want to move comfortably with less aches, stiffness, and joint discomfort

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